Extracted directly from local single-sourced cannabis plants, STIIIZY’s Cannabis Derived Terpenes preserve the natural terpene profile of each flower strain to deliver optimum synergy in both flavor and potency. AMAZING STRAIN RANGE… Incredible Hulk (I) Biscotti (I) LA Confidential (I) Zkittlez (I) OG Kush (I) Grape Sorbet (I) Lemon Drop (S) Pink Lemonade (S) Super […]

The Wyld way

Wyld celebrates what our Pacific Northwest provides us by creating treats that coincide with our ambitions and adventurous lifestyles. Climb cliffs and hike trails; explore our rivers, lakes, oceans, and mountains. Enjoy what brings us together and let Wyld keep us coming back. Based in Portland, Wyld is Oregon’s leading cannabis edible brand. We create […]