Health, science, art, and wellness are the foundation of all Fiori products. We believe that taking a proactive approach to a healthy lifestyle is the only way to combat the struggles of a hectic and often toxic world. Using CBD should not be a last resort, it should be the first weapon in your arsenal.

Fiori CBD products are designed with great pride, using the highest quality CBD extract available. All of the ingredients in our products are carefully curated to provide maximum benefits and ensure safety and the best user experience possible. If you would like more information or have questions about Fiori products, please use the contact us link.

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The most common ingredients in other CBD vape cartridges do not dissolve CBD well – it will crystalize and clog your pen. Some vape companies add harsh synthetic emulsifiers to solve this problem. Instead, we have perfected a 100% botanically-derived carrier system. The result is a patented formulation that gives unprecedented stability to CBD products, with no glycerin and no propylene glycol. Our formula keeps your cartridge clean and flowing freely.

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CBD is absorbed more quickly when accompanied by natural terpenes, but this partnership is often compromised by common extraction methods. Fiori oil combines an optimal ratio of key natural components so you get the fastest results possible!