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GRO Delivery Napa

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5 star rating with 10 star service

Very pleasant people, I had to cancel my order and they understood my reasons , how ever as soon as I was able I reordered without problem. Communication was spot on delivery was swift and professional. Product quality is through the roof. A very pleasant experience that deserves repeating. Well done


GRO Delivery Napa

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My favorite delivery service!

Just had to drop some love, I am an always satisfied customer. From the people taking phone orders to the quick and super nice delivery drivers, the service and quality outshine any and all others in this area. This way of business is what keeps happy and loyal customers, thanks for all you do!


GRO Delivery Napa

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The best in Napa

“GRO is awesome, they are professional, have attention to detail, and are always prompt with excellent customer service. Products are always high quality and at a decent price. They call you and let you know information on the driver and are very accurate with delivery times/windows. Drivers are all professional and courteous. 10 stars won’t fit so 5/5.”


GRO Delivery Fairfield

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Amazing 🤩

I love Gro and the people who work there! Especially Bev, Anthony and Renee. they are the reason I keep coming back. There customer service is amazing, They are timely and never give you the run around. If they say they will be there at a certain time they will! Not only that there prices aren’t bad actually cheaper then the competition. I would DEFINITELY recommend! I hate to go any where else. Thanks for being YOU Gro team!


GRO Delivery Fairfield

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I’ve bought from them a few times and every-time they have exceeded my expectations they Beverley is so very sweet and so helpful I wish she worked at every dispensary ! Overall I have absolutely no complaints my new go to definitely!


GRO Delivery Fairfield

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The women on the phone was very helpful and friendly. They also took my order for Monday when they where closed on Sunday which I thought was super cool. The flower I tried has been amazing and I’ve only tried the cheaper stuff so far. I highly recommend you giving these guys a ring.


GRO Delivery Vacaville

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I’m about to cry.

Gro is amazing. This is the only delivery service I know of that actually cares about its patients. I’m literally about to cry. I got into a car accident today and these guys showed how big their heart truly is. Had a driver drive out of his way to deliver a cartrage that my areas driver was out of. Then hooked me up with a battery because mine was distroyed in the crash. You guys have earned a Lifetime customer. Thank you so much.


GRO Delivery Vacaville

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They have the best prices on a lot of products, especially Vape Pens and it’s easy to sign up with them if your not a member. When you call to order they are so nice and helpful with everything. Overall this is one of the best if not the best delivery service that is in the Vacaville area . The drivers are always on time and sometimes sooner plus they give you an eta and are pretty accurate. Don’t mess around and order with Gro if you want Quality meds at Good prices.


GRO Delivery Vacaville

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Excellent customer service!

The staff here makes you feel like family and know how to treat you well!